Wednesday, September 25, 2013

118. Rain on Your Parade

'Rain on Your Parade'
6" x 6"
oil on gessobord

Hey gang! Yes, I'm still painting. ;)
 Clearly, I will most likely not reach my goal of 20 paintings in the 30-day challenge, but I am oh-so-ok with that. :)

'Creating' has always been life-giving to me; it spurs me on like nothing else. Because of that, I feel infinitely blessed that I get to chase this dream from the comfort of my home. And, because I'm also immeasurably blessed to have a family, the balance of all these things requires an ebb and flow, win-some, lose-some, one day at a time approach. This day (and the last several), I'm taking it easy. :) We're all a little sick, we're all still adjusting to the school schedule (okay, maybe that's just me), and I'm trying hard to choose my bed over my paintbrush. It's been good - my blood pressure monitor is thanking me. :)

Ok, this little guy - I took this photo several years ago while visiting family in New Hampshire. It was early November, it was rainy and it was lovely. I've yet to visit New England at the peak of fall color - would LOVE to. I get serious east coast envy at this time of the year. ;)


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Brenda Stichter, artist said...

I like this painting a lot, and find the edges especially appealing. Your use of color drew me in too!