Friday, May 27, 2016

254. California Dreamin'

'California Dreamin' '
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

California Poppies - love 'em!
And, it's Friday - yay!

Have a fun and safe weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

253. Fourteen and the Oddballs

'Fourteen and the Oddballs'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Wowser, this was challenging!
I love these vintage billiard balls that I got last weekend, but I think I'll wait a while before trying to paint them again. :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

252. Yellow Bug Light

'Yellow Bug Light'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

The last long light of day, languidly lounging over lawns. Love it.
And then of course, that yellow bug. Yum.

I kinda like this one. :)
(I can't usually say that right after finishing. Need a little absence to make my heart fonder. :)  )

Friday, May 13, 2016

251. Point Wilson Light

'Point Wilson Light'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Point Wilson Light is in Fort Worden State Park near Port Townsend, Washington, roughly sixty miles southwest of majestic Mt. Baker.

It was just one of a zillion lovely sights on our anniversary weekend trip last June. 
Hmm, I wonder where we should go this year... :)  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

250. Seventh Inning Stretch

'Seventh Inning Stretch'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Spotted during one of my boys' baseball games. :)

Friday, May 6, 2016

249. Evening Graze

'Evening Graze'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

On one of our recent very summery evenings, I drove around the dike-lands that skirt the Columbia River in our area of Oregon. Being a flatlander/farmer's daughter, the straight-ish gravel roads and uber-green pastures remind me very much of summers in Minnesota. The sun was low, the air was warm, the shadows were delicious. In the very distance, the hills of Washington state made a dusky backdrop, rising steeply from the Columbia River. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

248. Captain Happy

'Captain Happy'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Those stripes turned into a cape, and the roly-poly apple is ready to take on the world with his charms. 
Captain Happy is cute, but my favorite part of this scene is his perch; I love the light on that old metal box. ☺

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

247. Skylines

6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

This view is just up the street from our house; the last light of day setting the eastern sky aglow.
Thanks for viewing my work!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

246. Pick A Number

'Pick A Number'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

This little guy was calling my name, and I thoroughly enjoyed painting him.

I'm finally feeling better after several days of the flu, and I am just itching to paint and paint some more!
Hope to see you here again soon!

Friday, April 15, 2016

245. Morning Blush

'Morning Blush'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

This is another one of those 'ain't gonna get the best of me' ones. I started and gave up months ago, and suddenly it seemed time to try again. I think we'll call it done. :)

My parents extended their west coast trip a bit, so we took a little of Washington's Spring Break (three of my sisters live in WA) and went on a road trip! It was really, really great. We saw a Wildlife Safari, the Redwoods, sand dunes on the Oregon Coast, and just miles and miles of lovely weather and scenery. So beautiful and as much fun as you can have traveling with lots of young children. :)
And..., sickness has been having a heyday at our house since we got back. Lol. 
Argh. Still worth it. :) I think. I'm on day three, ask me again tomorrow.  ;) 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

244. Pencil Jar

'Pencil Jar'
8" x 8"
oil on gessoboard

Hi guys!
We were on Spring Break last week so I took a painting break and enjoyed my family. 
It was really, really nice, and now I'm happy to be back in my painting corner.

So, yes, another blue canning jar. I am a little obsessed, partly because I like the jars, of course, but mostly because the painting of them is so challenging! I'm never immediately satisfied with my results, but I'm usually more gracious toward my work when I look back weeks or months later. 
(Except every once in a while, when I think it's all garbage and I'll never paint again. Haha. My poor husband.)

Anyway, here's another in my quest to paint a canning jar. Getting closer to that elusive 'exactly how I want it'. ;)

(This one is a bit bigger than than my usual small squares, hence the higher starting bid on Daily Paintworks.)

Thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Last Light of Yellowstone

'Last Light of Yellowstone'
11" x 35"
oil on board

This one is just for fun, from one of my favorite Yellowstone pics. 
The westerly forest fires made the sky hazy all day long, and when dusk arrived, it was lovely.
Blue and purple distant ridges, and the last little bit of sunlight striking the hills to the east. 
It was delightful.

(Not for sale.)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Top of the Morning

'Top of the Morning'
18" x 12"
oil on gessoboard

Hi guys! :)

 This painting is my contribution to the annual fundraising auction put on by the staff and volunteers at my boys' school. They do such a great job in and out of the classroom; we're so thankful for them all! 

This scene is from a photo I took behind the school a few weeks ago.
Just one more thing I love about our school. :) 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

243. Up My Alley

'Up My Alley'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

This is not technically 'my' alley, it's not even my neighborhood. 
What it is, though, is power poles and power lines and dumpsters all lined up and basking on a sunshiny fall day. That, my friends, is a whole bunch of stuff that's 'right up my alley'. ;)

Fyi, the neighborhood is in Longview, WA, looking south from Lake Sacajawea. The tree-covered ridge in the distance is Oregon; what we locals refer to as 'the Rainier hill'. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

242. Moo Baby

'Moo Baby'
6" x 6" 
oil on gessoboard

I've attempted this little cutie a couple of times before and failed miserably. 
I get stubborn about things like that, so this week I gave her another shot.
Much better this time around. She makes me smile. :)
(Pic from my brother's farm in Minnesota.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

241. Slow Lane

'Slow Lane'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

If you see an Amish buggy, you must attempt to paint it.
That's a rule, right? ;)
This is another scene from our summer road trip, this one in rural Minnesota, not far from my parents' home. 
I really enjoyed painting it.

Also, clearly the horse and buggy are about to crest a hill, right? 
Proof once again to my mountain-state husband that Minnesota is NOT flat. ;) 
I grew up riding bicycles on those roads, I would know. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

240. Leaving Yellowstone

'Leaving Yellowstone'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

From one of our very favorite days of Summer 2015...
We deviated from our normal Oregon - Minnesota road trip route to spend an afternoon driving through Yellowstone Nat'l Park. (Not the recommended way, of course. You could spend a whole summer there and still have more to see.) 

The afternoon started spectacularly when, five minutes after passing through the west entrance, my husband spotted a bull elk running along a river. We pulled over in a parking area and watched as it grazed along the water's edge. Then, as we were about to move on, the elk meandered away from the water, munching his way directly to the passenger side of our car! 
It was easily the highlight of our day. (Sorry, Old Faithful!) 

This scene is from the east side of the park, at the close of our day. So many beautiful memories. ;)

Here's a little video from my instagram (norabergman): 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

239. Déjà vu

'Déjà vu'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

In the late afternoon of New Year's Eve, I herded my three boys into the pickup for a quick trip to the store for junk food and root beer float supplies. As soon as we were all buckled and I had a chance to look at my surroundings, I quickly decided to take a little detour to the Columbia River dikelands just outside of town. 
The sun was setting and the sky was just gorgeous.

The boys started questioning, of course, and then the middle one yelled, "We did this last year!"
I had forgotten, but he was right. Exactly one year ago, we had left the house to go to the store and I drove out to the dikelands to take pictures instead. :)

I had tried making a painting from those images a year ago, but eventually set it aside in frustration. Yesterday, it caught my eye from the top of my 'no hope whatsoever' pile, and I decided to give it another shot. This time around, I referenced my photos from '15, instead of '14. Both days were very cold and clear, and the sky absolutely glowed as each year came to a close.
The only noticeable difference in the photos is the result of our very different winters; '14 was super dry, and '15 was super wet, resulting in snow at the very top of the distant hills. 

Snow in the hills for the win!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

238. Frosted Rolls

'Frosted Rolls'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Hi, guys!
It's been too long!
I don't think I mentioned it here on the blog, but I was injured in a car accident right before Thanksgiving, so I haven't felt up to painting for many weeks. Thankfully, I'm doing much better, and finally cleared out my painting corner last week, -- ahhh, it felt so good. :)
I mean, until I started painting and felt like I was learning how to do it all over again. ;)

Anyway, here's my first painting of 2016! When we were in Minnesota a couple of winters ago, I took lots of photos of these round bales on my family's farm. Just so lovely in the late afternoon sun. 
I've struggled with this scene for several days, -- make the shadows darker, make the shadows lighter, repeat, repeat. Haha. (I ended on 'make the shadows darker', btw.) 

Click here to bid.

Oh, also, just wanted to remind you that I do have a handful of 2016 calendars left, purchase information is here. (Or click on the calendar tab in the menu above.)

Thanks for being patient with me and happy New Year!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

2016 Wall Calendar

Paintings by Nora Bergman
2016 Wall Calendar
8.5" x 11" (17" x 11" when hanging)
Printed on premium glossy card stock and spiral bound.

$20 + $5 shipping and handling.

To purchase, click the 'Buy Now' button to be redirected to Paypal.

 (Local friends, calendars will be available at Hometown Crafts and Collectables on Nehalem, or just shoot me a message. Thanks!)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Coming soon...

Hey, friends!

I've turned some of my favorite paintings from this year into a calendar for next year, and it's *almost* here! They are on their way from the printers right now, and as soon as I have my grubby little hands on them, I'll share how you can get one for yourself. (Hopefully in the next day or two.) 

(Hint: These make great little prints to frame up after you're done with the calendar. Images are close to the size of the original painting.)

Here's a preview of the paintings I've included:

I also wanted to say thanks for hanging out with me this year!
I enjoy looking back on my work for the year - it's always a little time capsule of memories for me and my family, and I love that I get to share them with you. :)

I wish I had more recent work to share, but this year is ending a little differently for me - I was working on other projects in the beginning of November, and then, just before Thanksgiving, I was in a car accident. Another vehicle crossed the center line and hit the vehicle I was driving head-on. Thankfully, I was spared major injury, but my right knee is pretty banged up. 
So, I'm using crutches to get around just a little, and I spend the rest of my time reclined, letting my boys wait on me. :) My family and friends have been so, so helpful, and I'm doing my best to accept their kindness gracefully, and just enjoying this Christmas season from my spot on the couch. :)

I miss painting so very much, and hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to get back to it.
Thanks again for watching me work, and I hope you all have a Happy Christmas. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

September and October in review...

Thanks for viewing my work!

If interested, you can see a few 'in-progress' pics on my instagram (norabergman). 
Of course, there are also random pics of my boys and our adventures, and things I find interesting in our everyday life. :) I just love instagram - so many lovely and inspiring things to see!

Monday, November 2, 2015

237. Purple and Gold

'Purple and Gold'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

I'm having one of those days where I can't decide if this is worth posting or if I should break up with I have a feeling I'll like it more tomorrow, so, with that as my hope, here it is.

While painting, I noticed that my high school colors are featured a lot (go Trojans!), so there we go for the title. They are also the colors of my favorite NFL team - go Vikings! 

(Unless the Seahawks win the Superbowl or something, then I'm all on board. 
But really, Vikings forever.)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

236. Stormshine

6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Winter here can be soft, gray, days heavy with slow fog and faint mist that never quite turns to rain. 
Winter can also be quick bundles of dark clouds that spit out rain and hail sideways, followed immediately by blinding rays of sunshine making rainbows and sparkles all over the freshly-washed everything. 

This scene is from one of those stormy/sunny days last winter. 
A bus never seemed so happy to be yellow as when the sun and rain together made it glow. 

(A couple of in-progress pics on my Instagram - norabergman)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

235. North Light

'North Light'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

One of the highlights of our summer road trip was a visit with our friends in the Duluth, Minnesota area. We spent a warm and sunny afternoon in Canal Park, on the shore of beautiful Lake Superior. It was an absolutely lovely day. Well, a little on the warm side, but that's not very common in Duluth, so we didn't complain. ;)  One of two lighthouses in the area, this is the 'Duluth Harbor North Breakwater Light'. 

Lighthouses in art can be tricky; - they're just so dang pretty (I think) that they easily become a cliché, and I tried hard to keep this one from becoming 'just another pretty lighthouse' painting. Whether I succeeded in that, I'm not sure, but I am pleased with how it turned out. :)
If you're curious, you can see a few 'in progress' shots on my Instagram account. (norabergman) 

Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

234. Long Morning Light

"Long Morning Light'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

This little scene is from an early morning drive in our 'neighborhood' a while back.
I love the long, cool shadows on the road and the warm sunlight setting the marshlands aglow. 
Oh, and a little fog in the distance never hurts. :)
Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

233. "Mornin', Sunshine!"

"Mornin', Sunshine!"
6" x 12"
oil on gessoboard

I've been meaning to try this size for a while, and my sister's yard in Minnesota finally made me do it.
Some scenes just can't be contained in a square. ;)
I'm very happy with how this came out. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

232. Catfish Capital

'Catfish Capital'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Ok, I think I'm officially back in the painting zone - yay!!
Our summer was so great, - just jam-packed with all the great summery weather and happenings. 
The highlight, of course, was a road trip to Minnesota to see my family. 
(By way of Yellowstone Nat'l Park - even though we zipped through in record time, it was amazing.) 

I've shared some pics of our trip on my instagram (norabergman) if you're curious. :)

While in Minnesota, we made a quick trip to the Duluth area to see some of our dear friends, and on our way back to the farm, I snapped this little scene in Floodwood, Minnesota. 
The setting sun lighting up the 'Catfish Capital's' water tower. Swoon. 
And right across the road, a grain elevator! Ok, I saw the elevator first, - but double swoon! 
I have a feeling you'll see it in a painting sooner than later. Thanks, Floodwood! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

July and August in review...

Hey gang! 
I had a great summer and I can't wait to paint some of it for you! 
Looking forward to cozy fall days in my painting corner... :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

231. Do Not Disturb

'Do Not Disturb'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

This dude is feet up, hands behind his head, checked out, chilled out, on vacation.
I am envious. Ha.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

230. Track Lighting

'Track Lighting'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Hey all!

Here's a little sunset scene from the trolley tracks in Astoria, Oregon. 

Hope you're having a swell summer!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

229. Hog Wild

'Hog Wild'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Ok, the song 'Born to be Wild' was in my head all afternoon as I painted this scene. 
Mr. Piggy Bank is gazing out my front window, - I think he's totally looking for adventure and whatever comes his way. ;) 

Monday, July 13, 2015

228. Reflecting

6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

This is another little scene from our recent anniversary jaunt.
After driving aimlessly (blissfully!) through the farmland around La Conner, WA, we bopped over to Anacortes and got out to stretch our legs by one of the many docks. 
Boats, and boats and then more boats - a beautiful spot to wander. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

227. Take Me Home

'Take Me Home'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Early evening, Minnesota summer. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

226. Gallantly Streaming

'Gallantly Streaming'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

It's July! Time to paint a flag! ;)

I nearly gave up on this one, - I'm wearing some trial contact lenses that my eyes have not adjusted to, and, it's like 114° in my painting corner. Ok, probably only 80-something, but it is HOT. 
We're having an unusually warm summer here in the pnw, and even though I whine with the best of them, I actually kinda love it. 
(Except for the extreme fire danger and drought and all that, of course.) 
Summer is supposed to be hot! :)

So, here's my flag painting - I had a grand ol' time, even with all the extra challenges. ;)

(This flag adorns the retired Coast Guard lightship 'Columbia', now residing at the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon.)

I hope you all have a happy and safe Independence Day! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

May and June in review...

Thanks for watching my work - I hope you're having a great summer! ;)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

225. Corner Store

'Corner Store'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

To celebrate our 11th anniversary, my husband and I spent last weekend exploring in Washington state. We stayed on Whidbey Island and had a great time hiking at Deception Pass State Park (stunning), and wandering aimlessly through the little town of La Conner (charming) and the surrounding farmland. Oh, and we ate a lot of really, really yummy food. :)

This little scene is from La Conner - it was warm and breezy and just a perfect June day.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

224. Tunnel Vision

'Tunnel Vision'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

This scene from the Columbia River Gorge just screams summer to me. 
All the golds and the deep blue sky and the warm light on the road -- ah, summer. :)
I hope you are enjoying yours. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

223. Sunbathing

6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Another little scene from Indian Beach on the Oregon Coast. 
After completing this one, I asked my boys if it looked like rocks. 
The seven-year-old says, 'Well, kinda."

Guess that's gonna have to be good enough for today. ;)
Thanks for hanging out with me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

222. Under the Sun

'Under the Sun'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

I always love going to my sister's house in the Columbia River Gorge. 
Mostly, of course, to spend time with her and her family, but a close second is the chance to see the incredible beauty along the way. Traveling from west to east, the landscape starts to show some skin as we go from waterfall-laden mountains to the golden hills and orchards of central Oregon and Washington. In the winter months (ok, potentially year-round), it's very typical to drive from overcast, wet weather in the west, to blue skies and sunshine an hour or two to the east. 
That's reason number three. :)

This little blue-skies-and-sunshine scene is from the small gorge town of Bingen, Washington, just across the Columbia River from Hood River, Oregon.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

221. Heavy Sleeper

"Heavy Sleeper'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

To my husband, this machine is 'the nine-eighty'.
To me, it was the highlight of a dawn's-early-light photo excursion.

On that early morning, I had seen the sun rise and the mountains glowing and the rivers sparkling, and vista after beautiful vista. And then...then, heading back home, I rounded the bend and saw this; this sleepy old fella catching the first rays of the day. Swoon. :)

Is there something wrong with me? ;) 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

220. Friday Night Lights

'Friday Night Lights'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Our church is perched on a hill overlooking the flat and farmy Columbia River dikelands.
I always like this view, but last Friday night it was especially lovely. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

219. Splish Splash

'Splish Splash'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

I have some fun wave photos from Indian Beach and I've been wanting to attempt this zoomed-in shot for a while. I'm happy with the result, especially since I nearly wiped it a dozen times. 
Sometimes, they just don't jive until the very end.

Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

218. Out of the Blue

'Out of the Blue'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

A paddle-boarder packing it in after a day on the water.
This is Indian Beach, on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

217. Pink Ladybug

'Pink Ladybug'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Can't beat spring, can ya?

Thanks for viewing!