Monday, September 2, 2013

106. Two Black Eyes and 30 paintings in 30 days

'Two Black Eyes'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Hey guys! Missed ya. :)
We packed a whole lot of fun into our last two weeks of summer vacation, and I'm actually looking forward to the boring ol' routine that the school year brings. Let's just keep the warm temps here for a while longer, k?

So, the super-energetic artist Leslie Saeta has issued another 'thirty paintings in thirty days' challenge and I have joined the fun. The challenge runs for the month of September, and thankfully, there really are no rules, other than to attempt a daily painting as often as you can and then link it up on her blog.  Thirty in thirty is a HUGE stretch for me, but I'll do my best. Who's counting, right? ;) I'll post a link to her blog frequently - it's fun to see what everyone is coming up with! And, if you like that, be sure to check out Daily Paintworks (where I sell my work), - they post a new crop of paintings every single day. 

Oh, about this painting - black-eyed susans. One of my very favorite flowers and thankfully, one of my neighbors has a nice little bunch. 
This was just plain fun. :)



Anonymous said...

So wonderful and it really stood out amongst the other little avatars of paintings. I'm excited to give this a go as well.
peace n abundance,

Tammie Dickerson said...

I love your title and your painting just pops with color - beautiful!

Nora Bergman said...

Thank you, girls! Can't wait to watch and see what you're up to!