Tuesday, September 17, 2013

116. Shady Bug

'Shady Bug'
6" x 6"
oil on gessobord

So, this was a major challenge, probably mostly because I was really trying to hurry and finish before prime 'outdoor photographing hours' disappeared. In fact, it's thanks to my husband that I actually have something to post. ;) He stopped me from wiping away the entire thing out of sheer frustration. Instead, I took a break, enjoyed a beautiful sunset, came back and wiped away everything except the car. And then everything was so much better. Simplify, simplify, simplify. :)


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Arena Shawn said...

I had the same experience for a couple of days of this challenge -- I have to admit for a slow painter like me it was REALLY REALLY challenging! I started a few landscapes at the beginning of this week, now two of them are finished, but three of them are completely washed away in water out of sheer frustration. I think sometimes it is helpful to take a breath and not let deadline bother you so much, because if it is painted in a hurry and not to one's own satisfaction, those last strokes put on could truly ruin a beautiful start. Everybody has a different style, and not every one of us can whip out a painting in 3-4 hours and still have time for everything that needs to be done in life. A commitment like this may take a heavier toll on some of us than others. You have a beautiful style that requires more time on each of your pieces than some of the other artists participating in the challenge, so don't beat yourself up if there are some days that the painting you started that day is not finished! They are lovely and each of them are results of thoughtful work. Breathe and relax from time to time and give yourself a break!