Friday, March 22, 2013

82. Highway Ten

'Highway Ten'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

This is another one I've tried before -- they're so much more fun now!

I took this photo a couple of summers ago in Minnesota. This is Wadena, the nearest 'big' town to our small town. We went to school in our beloved Sebeka; for everything else, we went to Wadena. I couldn't begin to count the weekend hours I spent with friends, cruising endlessly over these streets. Even now, a couple of decades years later, I find myself looking at the passengers in other cars, expecting to see high school pals. 

My all-time fave DQ graces this shot, but right now, I'm really wishing I had my hands on a Hardee's Hot Ham n' Cheese. :)



Susan McManamen said...

Great painting and story!

Nora Bergman said...

Thanks, Susan!

Unknown said...

Nora Bergman said...

Oh Cat! I loved your comment and then i accidentally deleted it! Stupid smartphones!
Anyway, the mountains around here are great, but they do prevent me from seeing skies like this, so I'm the one that's jealous! Well, maybe not so much right now, but certainly in a few months. ;)

Virginia Floyd said...

Lovely layers of color in this painting. I love the touches of orange reflections on the buildings.

I just spent half an hour reading through your blog. I need to get up from this computer and get to work! Your paintings are really great, and I feel like I know you a little better after reading your comments.

Nora Bergman said...

Wow, thanks, Virginia! So nice. :)