Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Let the children come unto me..."

"Let the children come unto me..." - mural, church nursery, 2007

This painting is in a church nursery. On one of the other walls I painted Mark 10:14.

Very enjoyable painting to do, lots of big arm movements and swift brush strokes and almost all within reach without climbing or squatting. (I was pregnant at the time.) They tell me it's liked by children, parents, and the board members who use this room for meetings. Mission accomplished!

"Southerton Outfitters"

"Southerton Outfitters" - acrylic on vintage saw blade, 2007
I have an immense affinity for letters and fonts - one of my earliest memories of doodling was covering an elementary worksheet with the letter 'G' a gazillion times. In high school I would write a word like "love" over and over in as many 'fonts' as I could dream up. I still love 'G' and the rest of the alphabet, so it was really fun to do this painting. I'm also into vintage signage so I tried to make this look a little old school.

"Country Village"

mural, dining room

"Artisan Fair IV"

Cottages I
12" x 12"

Cottages II
12" x 12"

"Artisan Fair III"

"Buckets"-acrylic on canvas

"Artisan Fair II"

"Football" - acrylic on canvas
30" x 24"

"Baseball" - acrylic on canvas
30" x 24"

"Lake"- acrylic on canvas

"Artisan Fair I"

I did the following paintings for an Artisan Fair in 2006.

"Fields" - acrylic on canvas
36" x 18"

"Venice" - acrylic on canvas

"Sleigh"- acrylic on canvas


"Drive-in" - mural, media room

"Train Room"

"Train room" - mural, boy's room

Big House

"The house that Jacob built" - acrylic on canvas, 2005

Being a former interior design student, I really enjoy painting architecture, and this home has special memories for me. It was designed and built by my great-grandfather, Jacob Aho, and we would visit it often when I was a child. Back then, it seemed absolutely massive, and I recall feeling hopelessly lost in its maze of rooms, great-aunts and great-uncles. It's now serving as a museum of sorts at the family farm in central MN. And although the size is still impressive, it has apparently shrunk just a bit. ;)


"Jacob" - acrylic on canvas, 2005

Oregon Coast...

"Sunset over Haystack Rock" -acrylic on canvas
"Beach rocks" - acrylic on canvas

This painting was a labor of love while I waited to labor in delivery. It's one of the few paintings I did while I was pregnant with my first child. It's from a photo I took of wet rocks at Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach, OR. One of the most beautiful places on the Oregon coast in my opinion. This painting will always remind me of those last days before kids - I'll probably never have time to do something this detailed again! Even though it's just a bunch of rocks, it does seem to have a "right-side-up", (besides the obvious signature). I must have taken the original photo at an angle because the top of the painting seems farther away than the bottom. Or maybe I've just stared at it waaay too long! The reaction to this painting is interesting - people either love it or they just don't get it. In any case, it's very special to me and it's hanging in my dining room for me to study anytime I want. I find it to be very calming in it's busy-ness - sort of like a good day for a mom.


"Map" - mural, media room

Ladie's Retreat

"Little Girl" - acrylic on canvas

"Girl in Red" - acrylic on canvas ($)
24" x 30"

"Father and Son" - acrylic on canvas

"Woman" - acrylic on canvas

"Man" - acrylic on canvas

"Bistro" - mural, kitchen

"Doorway" - mural over existing doors

"Olympic Nat'l Park" - acrylic on canvas

"Backdrops" - mural, bedrooms

"Terrace" - mural, stairway

"Habakkuk 2:3-4" - mural, foyer

"Plants" - acrylic on canvas

"Softball"- mural, girl's room

"Butterflies" - mural, baby room

"Palm trees" - mural, bedroom

Imagine the entire room covered with these vibrant colors of sky and water - truly like walking into an island paradise. I LOVE this room - I was so happy with how the trees turned out, and the custom bed made to look like a beautiful hut on the beach - it is just divine. So many of my murals are muted tones (appropriately so) and it was just a blast to paint in this BLUE room - really reminded me of being in Hawaii. Light a coconut candle and the rainy winter disappears!

"Aqueduct" - mural on canvas panels

"Italy" -acrylic on wood

"Road to Jerusalem" - mural, hallway

"Niece E" - acrylic on canvas

"Paris" - mural, media room

Firm Foundation Fundraiser

"Firm Foundation Christian School"- acrylic on canvas

"Florida" - mural, living room

"Buildings" - acrylic on wood