Saturday, October 16, 2010

Many Maples

12" x 12"

Acrylic on canvas

This is the one time of the year I don't appreciate the perma-green of the Pacific NW...I want more color!! It can be found in small amounts if one goes searching, but I decided to make a little of my own. 
Aside from the overly green landscape, I adore this time of the year. The smell of wood-burning stoves, a little crispness to the air, clear blue skies and mellow orange evenings. Ahhh.
But, honestly, the biggest reason I love means Christmas is only a couple of short months away! My true favorite time of year. My head is already spinning with ideas of how to decorate, what kind of handmade gifts to make, new treats to bake, the glorious music, family and friends, baby, love, love it!