I am a Minnesota girl living out my dreams in Oregon.

A few years after graduating from North Dakota State University (Interior Design, Art), I put all those drawing and color theory classes to use and started painting interior murals. Learning as I went, painting quickly became my favorite form of creative expression. My subject matter covers all manner of things, places and memories that make me happy.

In order to further develop my skills as a fine artist, I began painting with oils and in the small format used by 'daily painters'. I am not able to paint every day, but the frequent putting of brush to board is educational, fulfilling  and habit-forming. It's exciting to overcome obstacles, push through ruts and see improvement come right before my very eyes.

When I'm not painting or chasing after my three wonderful sons, I can be found scouring the internet for inspiration and art education, avoiding all forms of housework, and sewing a new handbag every couple of months just to make sure my sewing machine still likes me. Special thanks to my hard-working husband for being my greatest cheerleader, and for not resenting (very much) the fact that the culinary arts are not always part of my creative arsenal. ;)

To see all of my available paintings, follow this link, or click on the Daily Paintworks Gallery widget to your right.

I was featured on the Daily Paintworks Blog as a spotlight artist - you can read my interview here.

Contact me - noraellen@gmail.com or follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoraBergmanArtist

Thanks for checking out my work!


Anonymous said...
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www.marypychedaily.blogspot.com said...

I love all the murals you have done, super nice work. Congrats on the big 200! I'll try to catch up.