Friday, December 7, 2012

48. Handling It

'Handling It'
6" x 6"
Oil on gessoboard

This was so fun! I put paint to board in paint-by-number style, one section at a time. Well, I guess I normally work that way, but this seemed dramatically more so with all those squiggly lines. These are borrowed antique...retro... vintage? Well, old spatulas with irresistible handles set on a tablecloth of same description. I recently received a bunch of these kind of tablecloths and I'm looking forward to using more of them in paintings. 

Speaking of paint-by-numbers - did you ever actually complete one? As an artsy kid, I was given (and probably begged for) more than one, but never actually finished any of them! In hindsight, I realize why -- the brushes and paints are terrible! Gotta have the right tools for the job. I still like the look of a nice paint by number - maybe I should buy one and try it with a decent brush.

Anyway, it's Friday! Tomorrow, one of my sisters and her family are coming to visit and we're celebrating my oldest son's seventh birthday. :)
I better get hoppin' on that Bad Piggies cake. 
Have a great weekend!


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