Thursday, January 21, 2016

240. Leaving Yellowstone

'Leaving Yellowstone'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

From one of our very favorite days of Summer 2015...
We deviated from our normal Oregon - Minnesota road trip route to spend an afternoon driving through Yellowstone Nat'l Park. (Not the recommended way, of course. You could spend a whole summer there and still have more to see.) 

The afternoon started spectacularly when, five minutes after passing through the west entrance, my husband spotted a bull elk running along a river. We pulled over in a parking area and watched as it grazed along the water's edge. Then, as we were about to move on, the elk meandered away from the water, munching his way directly to the passenger side of our car! 
It was easily the highlight of our day. (Sorry, Old Faithful!) 

This scene is from the east side of the park, at the close of our day. So many beautiful memories. ;)

Here's a little video from my instagram (norabergman): 

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Marilyn Place said...

Your painting is beautiful, Nora. Makes me want to go there real bad. And I love the video of the elk. He was so intent on eating, he seemed oblivious to you guys.