Wednesday, March 12, 2014

155. Winnett Elevator

'Winnett Elevator'
6" x 6"
oil on gessobord

I snapped several photos of this elevator a couple of summers ago when we were driving through eastern Montana. I wasn't sure exactly what small town we were passing through, but in one of my pics there's a giant 'W' made of white rocks up on that hillside. (I love those homemade smalltown monograms, by the way.) After a little map sleuthing along our route (thank you Google Maps), I found the tiny town of Winnett, and, to its south, the satellite photos reveal a giant 'W'. :) 

The cartophile in me is geeking out right now. 

(Don't even get me started about Google Earth - I can wile away hour upon hour exploring the world via satellite images. It's just incredible!)  


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Gabrielle said...

I was glancing through today's DPW selections and your painting caught my eye immediately. My brain screamed "Montana!". I've never been to Winnett, but obviously you captured it well enough that I recognized the region. I love how you handled the cliffs. I'm also crazy about grain elevators. Nice work!