Friday, June 7, 2013

90. Doors

6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

Wooden shop doors on a sunny day in Astoria, Oregon. :)


You may have noticed that my painting has really dropped off in the past few months, and I guess I'd like to share what's what. Forgive me if this is TMI for a painting blog, just let me get it out there once and for all, and then I'll get back to the paintings. :) 

In early March, we learned that I was pregnant, and I spent most of my free time hanging out on my couch with afternoon/evening sickness. In mid-April, a first trimester ultrasound showed some abnormalities, and further testing revealed a severe heart defect and Down syndrome. The specialists were very concerned, and, sadly, in mid-May, another ultrasound showed that our tiny little boy no longer had a heartbeat. (Sixteen weeks gestation.) 
Needless to say, we've experienced nearly every emotion possible in the past few months, but, through it all, we've been so blessed and overwhelmed by the love and prayers of the friends and family that God has given us. 
We are humbled and grateful. 

In late May, I turned forty. (Um, what? Ok, still in denial, a bit.) As surreal as that seems, it's another reminder to stop and be thankful; to hug my three busy boys (7, 5, and 2) and my fantastic husband a little more often; and to appreciate once again that no matter how hard things are, one doesn't have to look far to find another with a greater struggle. I've gained a little empathy, a little compassion, and hopefully, I'll be able to give a little more to others as we were so blessed to receive.

Even though it's not the most important part of my life, painting is a big part of who I am, and I have missed it terribly. I'm so looking forward to getting back up to a few a week if I can ever remember how. ;) It's challenging and therapeutic (mostly), and when I'm not busy caring for my family, I'll be tucked into my corner, pushing around some paint.

Thanks for indulging me the sharing of this very personal information - it's better for me to just have everything out there -- and thanks for following my work.
 I hope I have many more paintings to share with you this summer. :)


c.dingman said...

Great composition.

Susan McManamen said...

So very sorry to hear of your loss Nora. I can't imagine how difficult it's been for you and your family.
Best wishes on your return to painting. It's great to see those beautiful little paintings coming through again.

Take care,

Nora Bergman said...

Thanks, Carlene.

Nora Bergman said...

Oh, thank you, Susan. We are all doing well and I'm very happy to be getting back in the groove. :)

Abigail Spaulding said...

May God be your strength and comfort! "Sleep sound in Jesus, my baby, my dear."
Love & God's Peace,
Abby (Ketola) Spaulding

Nora Bergman said...

Thanks, Abby. :)
God Bless.

Kristi said...

Just catching up with you now Nora. So sorry to hear about your baby. May God bless you in this time of healing and loss. Love the new Minnesota paintings. You bring me home too! Kristi

Nora Bergman said...

Thanks, Kristi.
God bless. :)