Tuesday, February 12, 2013

69. Window Shade

'Window Shade'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

I took the photo of this lovely little scene while I waited at the drive-thru window of my bank. :) It was a gorgeous October day, and the geraniums were glorious. 

I can't complain about our current weather - it's been practically tropical compared to some parts of the country, -- but aren't we all about ready for some sunshine and overflowing flowerpots? 
Painting this was like looking at my own version of a SAD light. :)



Linda Popple said...

This lovely painting is definitely a reminder of upcoming spring!

Nora Bergman said...

Thank you, Linda. Yes, I'm feeling a little spring fever-ish. :)

Susan McManamen said...

Nora, I love the graphic quality of your images and the intense colors. Wonderful work!

c.dingman said...

This is a nice prelude to warm weather. I am ready for blooming flowers.

Nora Bergman said...

Thanks, Susan and Carlene!
Forecasting 59ยบ here today -a heat wave!