Thursday, June 7, 2012

19. Whose Broad Stripes

'Whose Broad Stripes'
6" x 6"
oil on gessoboard

A few Memorial Days ago; saluting the brave.

A slow start this week - being tired makes it very hard to get in the groove!
I tried and gave up on a handful of other subjects before finally settling on this one. I rediscovered this photo from five (or so) years ago and thought it would work nicely for the Stripe Challenge on Daily Paintworks.

This was so much fun to paint and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The stars on the biggest flag were the most difficult part - super challenging to keep a star just the right amount of 'loose'.

It's so exciting when a painting comes out relatively close to how I imagine -- really spurs me on to the next. I love this kind of learning!

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